Block Paving

Our colour changing Sealer uniquely absorbs into the substrate, using the penetrating resin formula to “carry” the pigment deeper into the surface. It is this characteristic allied to a relatively thin film finish which provides the durability and longevity that driveway “paints” fall short on.

Benefits to our block paving process

✅ Transformational colour change, “lifts” the appearance of the entire property

✅ Re-imagines those colour schemes stuck in the eighties and nineties

✅ Save thousands of pounds compared with tearing up an otherwise “sound” driveway

✅ Oil stain resistant

✅ Apply maintenance coats, without need to strip previous layers

✅ Block texture remains visible, avoiding a “painted” look

✅ Protects against moss and algal growth

This is the ultimate all-in-one driveway recolouring treatment that acts as both a block paving sealer and a complete colour changer.

Interested in block paving re-colouring?

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