Roof Coating

Our Flexible Roof Coating is micro-porous, allowing moisture vapour to pass through the film from the roof substrate to the atmosphere while remaining impervious to rainwater penetration. This permeability function prevents blistering, delamination and premature adhesion failure when the system is installed correctly. It is also UV light resistant and thus combats the sun’s fading action, helping the coating to retain its colour over long periods. Additionally, the adhesion provided by the premium grade, elastic polymer prevents cracking and flaking.

Installed under the correct conditions and procedures, our coating will provide long term weather protection for at least 10 years.

Potential applications include

Domestic, commercial, agricultural, and industrial buildings fitted with:

• Concrete Roof Tiles

• Clay Roof Tiles (except “Rosemary” Tiles)

• Artificial Slate

• Asbestos Sheets & Tiles

Does your roof need coating?

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